Premarital Counseling


Research points to the benefit of premarital education.

Marriage is the adventure of a life-time. For over 35 years, I have helped prepare couples on that journey. I have developed two distinct models for premarital counseling. The first is Becoming One Flesh: Relationships for Life! which is a premarital education program that I authored. Premarital couples benefit from both up-to-date information about what to expect on the road ahead and practical skills to develop best practices in their relationship. Becoming One Flesh: Relationships for Life! is a faith-based program that points couples in the right direction. Below is an endorsement for my Becoming One Flesh: Relationships for Life! program:

"Any couple contemplating marriage will learn essential concepts and skills in this course that increases their capacity to have a durable and loving marriage."

Harville Hendrix, best selling author of Getting the Love You Want.

For couples desiring a counseling approach with feedback related to the strengths and growth areas of their relationship, I offer PREPARE , one of the most popular premarital programs in the United States.
PREPARE provides a systematic feedback approach to premarital counseling. Below is an endorsement of my PREPARE program:

young couple

For the past 15+ years, I have had the opportunity to work in conjunction with the Counseling Ministry of Neal Kuhlhorst. I have referred many families to Neal for marriage and family counseling across those years. When I am presented the honor of performing a wedding, I require all couples to visit with Neal Kuhlhorst as they prepare for marriage. His PREPARE process is excellent. Members of my own family have been assited by Neal and thus, without hesitation, I recommend his ministry.

Dr. Terry E. Walton
Senior Pastor
Gainsville First United Methodist Church
Gainesville, Georgia

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