Is This Depression or Am I Just Feeling Blue

Have you ever asked yourself this question; “Is this depression or am I just feeling blue?” You are not alone. According to studies, over 50 million people in the United States are affected by depression. Here are some common symptoms you might experience if you are depressed.
The Red Hot Memory of Grief

Author C.S. Lewis wrote one of the most powerful books about grief entitled A Grief Observed. In a courageous manner, Lewis shares his grief and bereavement experiences from the inside out with his readers. At one point when he was describing how he would attempt to distract his mind from his sadness and talk himself out of his heart ache with what he calls “common sense” he shares this painful truth about grief.
The Wisdom of Communication

We Don’t Communicate! During the initial couples counseling session I ask the couple about the problems they are experiencing in their relationship. Most couples state the following: “we don’t communicate!” Since it’s impossible not to communicate what they mean is that they are dissatisfied with the way they are communicating. This results in marital stress and dissatisfaction.
The Get SMART Anxiety Reduction Method

Smart people are prone to struggle with anxiety. I know that might sound counter intuitive because when you are struggling with anxiety you are feeling anything but smart. I developed the Get SMART method for anxiety reduction as a positive intervention when worry is having its way with you.

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